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The patient’s journey must be improved across the post-acute care continuum.

Our Solutions

Armed with a keen understanding of the industry and its complex challenges, we begin by examining your post-acute care model. We determine your opportunity to fix the persistent problems impacting you, your partners and your patients. We recommend proven, new solutions that will be transformative to your business along the full continuum. Then we stand by as a partner, ensuring your new model succeeds in getting post-acute care right. Read on to learn more specifics and watch our video to see how HM Home & Community Services is getting post-acute care right.

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System leakage

Unit cost


Administrative Costs

Length of Stay

Readmission penalties

The patient experience

Shared savings in value-based programs

Gap closures

Risk revenue



HM Home & Community Services provides customized solutions for the entire episode of care following a patient’s hospitalization.

These proven solutions uniquely focus on collaboration, evidence-based pathways of care, big data, sourcing and technology solutions, scorecards and pay-for-value incentives to improve networks of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health agencies (HHAs).

The result? Transformative improvements in quality, service and value, getting post-acute health care right.

How we work with payors How we work with providers How patients and their caregivers benefit

Manage your network and provider contracts and relationships.


Leverage the power of big data to aggregate the right solutions and evolve the post-acute care model from a financially-driven incentive model to a quality and outcomes-based incentive model.


Transform your network’s clinical care by employing evidence-based clinical pathways, reducing variability and unnecessary spend and improving patient care and outcomes.


Transform your network from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.


Facilitate sourcing and technology partnerships and advanced solutions.


Provide network managers to collaboratively work with your contracted skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies.


Provide a scorecard system that will help to measure and evaluate your contracted skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies according to key metrics including re-admittance rates, CMS star ratings, timely initiation of care, discharge to community and cost per skilled nursing facility episode.


Help you to build a high-performance network, rewarding the top performers through value-based incentives.

*Including hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and home health agencies (HHAs)

Clearly define shared goals.


Provide network managers to collaboratively support improvements, progress, and success.


Provide scorecards to transparently track quality and outcomes.


Transform SNFs and HHAs into higher performance providers.


Reward top performers through incentives.


Patients receive the right types of services in the right health care setting with the right length of stay, right from the start.


Patients receive high-quality treatment and services from high-performance skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies.


Patients recover more effectively from illness or injury.


Patients avoid hospital readmissions.


Patients and their families pare personal spending.

HM Home & Community Services — At Work!

See how our model has dramatically lowered unnecessary skilled nursing facility utilization and spend
for a Pennsylvania health insurer’s Medicare Advantage network.
Hospital bed

25% decrease

in bed days


17% decrease

in number of days per admission

Dollar sign

28% decrease

in spending per admission

female, male and child

20% decrease

in monthly cost per member

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